Friday, February 11, 2011

I have stuff to sell and you should buy it. . . If you want it, that is.

Mountain Bike that I am so sad to say goodbye to

Katana Climbing Shoes

*And we have free books and furniture and stuff.*


  1. Kimmy! Tis I, Marci LeBaron, now Marci Watson that used to see you almost everyday in the halls of UVU, random how that happened, but so great while it lasted. How art thou? I found your blog through Kelli's blog. How much for your mountain bike, I'm looking to own one someday, so just curious. Hope you're doing wonderfully!

  2. Marci! Good to see you here! :) I'm selling it for $150, and I love it! It's a way smooth ride. It has a super comfy seat, too! You can email me at if you want to take it for a ride!