Wednesday, February 2, 2011

We'll be moving to this little circle/starred city this spring!

Pete lucked out with an awesome opportunity to be an intern at the US Embassy in Budapest. I basically get to tag along and attempt to get a job as an English teacher. Sweet, right?

That's why I made this blog. So family and friends can check up on our fun!


  1. And OH am I excited!!! :) ...and so freaking JEALOUS!!!!

  2. WHAT!? I didn't know you were moving to Budapest! That's great, I'm excited for you guys!
    I went there on a class exchange in 11th grade and had a blast. Maybe you'll run into my exchange partner Daniel Erkel. But yeah, probably not haha. So fun! take lots of pics!
    wait, how long will you be there?

  3. oh and if you go to germany you could totally stay with my family if you needed to :)